Children of Zero by Andrew Calhoun

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Pirates! Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a sucker for pirates. I love them as much as I love stories with a circus theme. Matter of fact, pirates are the very reason I decided to accept Children of Zero to read and review. I have zero regrets.

This novel is remarkably well-written. Andrew Calhoun’s word choice is exceptional. There is loads of world building and character building (I love Kettle), and relationship building. There is action, adventure, and surprise. All the great things that one would expect from pirates and military and science. It’s fantastic. It’s creative. It’s entertaining. It’s fun.

The only reason Children of Zero fell short that last star was because One, I’m not a reader who enjoys a lot of description. This novel is very descriptive about everything. Second, I felt like the set up fell short. The prologue didn’t prepare me in the slightest for the world I was about to dive in. With that said, there were times that the mix of pirates and science fiction left me sort of out of place within the story.

Other than that, one being complete reader preference, this novel is indeed a great read.

Grab your copy!

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T I T L E: Children of Zero

A U T H O R: Andrew Calhoun

P U B L I S H • D A T E : February 8, 2018

P U B L I S H E R: Andrew Calhoun

I S B N:   9781977043092

Science Fiction, Fantasy


Merrick Kettle has a menial job on an American military base in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Depressed, directionless and unhappy with his life choices, he’s looking for a new start – a start that will help him erase the mistakes of his past.

A universe away, a skilled and ruthless swordswoman named Saeliko is the quartermaster of a feared privateering vessel in the Sollian Sea. Ambitious and fearless, wickedly curved scimitar in hand, she plans to spark a mutiny and lead her crew into a life of violent piracy.

Neither of them could possibly know that their lives are about to intersect. Nor can they comprehend that their actions might determine the fate not just of their own worlds, but scores of others in the connected multiverse.

For Merrick to survive, he’ll need to come to grips with a new reality while battling his own insecurities. For Saeliko to survive, she’ll need to be as clever as she is deadly.

Children of Zero is a fast-paced adventure that crosses over between science fiction and fantasy to create a tale of grand conspiracy, treachery and unlikely heroes. Fans of Neal Stephenson and Richard Morgan will love this mashup of future tech and cutlass-swinging, bloodthirsty pirates.

I received a copy via the author in exchange for an honest review. 

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