Jock Row by Sara Ney

G U E S T • R E V I E W

by Kahea from Books-N-Wine

This one really hit the spot!

I’ve been a roll of books that lean towards the more emotional rollercoaster/angst side of romance and Jock Row, despite where it could of gone based on the beginning, was just what I needed: A fun, sweet, easy, slow burn read (Ok. The slow burn MAY have killed me a bit) with two characters I adored almost from the very beginning as they went from adversaries to so much more and had me wanting more in the end.

I adored Rowdy and Scarlett. Rowdy has the swagger, cockiness and charm of a man who knows who he is and what he wants, most of the time, but there is a sweetness to him that makes it so easy to fall for him and want to claim him as your own. Scarlett is quite an enigma and one I absolutely loved. She’s comfortable in her own skin and has no issue speaking her mind; which may not always garner positive results, but the girl is who she is.

Their journey to their HEA was simply fun, even if they met in a less than stellar way. The friendship they formed, and how the got to know each other was sweet, flirty and honest. The chemistry was there from the start and only grew as they spent more time together. And though the slow burn of it all killed me ~ believe me I was chanting (In my head) ‘Just kiss the girl already!’ ~ it was so worth it in the end. They are all kinds of HOT! And though there is very little conflict/angsty-ness/drama that goes on, they do battle themselves just a little before admitting that they’ve both fallen…hard. And that epilogue?? Perfection!

My cheeks are hurting from all the dopey smiling I was doing while devouring this book, and I’m still dopey smiling as I’m typing this review out. Jock Row was simply a fun romance with characters that it was easy to fall in love with. While there were a good number of supporting characters who popped in from time to time, it was Rowdy’s parents I loved the most. They were awesomeness! And as for the next book in the series? That one is definitely right up my alley and cannot wait to get my hands on it!

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T I T L E: Jock Row

S E R I E S: Jock Hard (Nº 1)

A U T H O R: Sara Ney

P U B L I S H • D A T E : May 1, 2018

P U B L I S H E R: Sara Ney

I S B N:  9781717306364

 Romance, New Adult


Scarlett is always the sensible one: The sober driver. The planner. The one holding your hair back while you’re worshiping the porcelain gods.

Week-after-week, she visits Jock Row with her friends—the universities hottest party scene and breeding ground for student athletes. And if keeping her friends out of trouble, and guys out of their pants, was a sport, she’d be the star athlete.

Being a well known jock-blocker gets her noticed for all the wrong reasons; just like that, she’s banned from Jock Row. NO GUY WANTS A GIRL AROUND WHO KEEPS THEIR JOCK FRIENDS FROM GETTING LAID.

“Rowdy” Wade is the hot shot short-stop for the university’s baseball team—and the unlucky bastard who drew the short straw: keep little Miss Goody Two-Shoes out of the Baseball House.

But week-after-week Scarlett returns, determined to get inside.