Welcome 2018!

2018 New Year Greeting


I don’t know about you, but I’m very excited for the new year. Another year of exciting and great books. Another year of reviews for those books.

Those who followed me from Blogger can tell, Word Gurgle has undergone a major overhauling. A new site, new posting style, and more to come.

This year I’m going to look into hosting Word Gurgle’s very first book giveaway and I’m already consulting with more informed people about setting up a charity for children where donations would go toward less fortunate children getting reads in their little hands. We have to grab them while they are young. The reading community can never be too large in my opinion. More about all that as it gets settled.

I do hope that everyone has a wonderful first day of 2018. I look forward to sharing my views on the books I read this year. The goal is at least 60. With that, I’m going to get started on the already growing list of “to read and review”. Stay tuned, the first review of 2018 is coming soon.

Mad love and stuff,