Located below are links to free and cheap reading sources. Word Gurgle is a firm believer that books equal knowledge equals power. Even fiction can often provide us with a broader perspective of life. Please feel free to use these links and share them with other readers in your life.

  • Free-Ebooks – Signing up for a standard account is free and gives you 5 free PDF downloads a month. You can search for books by category (genre), and even read a preview.
  • Open Culture – I love this site. It doesn’t just offer free e-books, it offers free online courses, free textbooks, free language lessons, and more. It’s a great site to save to your bookmarks.
  • Many Books – This site is free to join. There is a nice selection (they advertise over 33,000) of books on the site for you to download with many file options and read.
  • Open Library – This site works as a borrowing system. It’s free to join. I suggest reading their “ABOUT” to learn how the site works and how you’re able to use it.
  • Project Gutenberg – My understanding is, this was the first online site to offer free books. They offer over 54,000 e-books of various genres.
  • eReaderIQ – This site offers freebies, under $1, and price drop books. It’s a large site, with a large library of books. I visit this site quite often.
  • Book Bub – This isn’t really a site, rather than a subscription list. Once you subscribe, they ask you your reading preference and then every day you’ll get one email containing free and reduced price books.
  • Early Bird Books – The same practice as Book Bub, yet they do send you different book offers. I am apart of both, and I’ve never had the emails offer the same.

Now, go read. You have NO excuse.