Thank you for considering Word Gurgle to read and review your novel. Please take a few moments to read over our policy. By sending us an email with your book details, as described below, you agree to have read and understand Word Gurgle’s review policy.

Accepted • Genres

    • comics/graphic novels
    • crime
    • fantasy
    • historical fiction
    • horror
    • humor
    • literature fiction (adult)
    • mystery
    • paranormal
    • romance (historical, paranormal, urban fantasy)
    • science fiction
    • thriller
    • urban fantasy
    • western
    • woman’s fiction
    • biography
    • history
    • memoir
    • narrative
    • science
    • true crime

Unaccepted • Genres

    • erotica
    • poetry
    • new adult
    • middle grade
    • political 
    • religious – Christian
    • religious – other
    • young adult
    • young children’s books (picture books)
    • health & nutrition (including diet)
    • essay
    • poetry
    • political
    • textbook
    • self-help
    • religious – Christian
    • religious – other

From • Who?

Word Gurgle will accept requests from all publishers including, independent publishers, eBook publishers, and requesting authors.


  • AZW
  • epub
  • pdf
  • mobi
  • physical 

Word Gurgle reserves the right to decline any novel received for review but promises to consider all queries. The goal is to read all accepted novels for review in a timely manner, however, life is life, therefore sometimes there is a delay.

As you know, the stories in books are personal; for both the author and the reader. Sometimes our dislike has nothing to do with the book and everything to do with reader preference. In this spirit, Word Gurgle will not give a negative review nor will we rate any novel less than four stars. If we do not like the novel, a review will not be published on or any of the social media outlets we use. Of course, the reason for this decision will be sent to the email that contacted us.

If the book we are reviewing is not an ARC, we often include a quote from the book that grabbed us while we were reading. If you do not want us to publish a quote, please let us know in advance. 

Our reviews are not “traditional” in any way. Our like or love for a story comes all out. The more love we have for a novel, the more that shows in our review. Sometimes even foul language slips through. We try to keep that at a minimal, but you know, a story can run deep and here at Word Gurgle we believe sometimes there is no better way to express that than admitting the book was fucking awesome.

Where • We • Post

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Holy crap we’re finally at the part where we tell you what to do already. Hey, we had to make sure you read everything. 

All queries must be emailed to subject line should read: Review: Your book title. Include the description, genre, an Amazon link (if there is a preview) or the first few chapters, so that we may better judge if your story is the right story for us. We do not accept books that have not yet been published. Please know, if you do not send us enough information about your novel, we will decline to read and review. We try to respond to every single email, even if we are not interested.

*Should Word Gurgle update, amend or make changes to our review policy, those changes will be posted here. Last updated on Saturday, September 1, 2018